Albanian Challenge 2015

Before finishing my last exam during my university studies (in January 2015), my colleague told me about an interesting volunteer project, which was being prepared for upcomming summer – Albanian Challenge. The key and a crucial thing for this project was finding people who would like to go to a cut off village in north Albania, Curraj Eperm, to build a bridge there, mark trails, repair local church and organize a festival, and give the local people second life chance grounded in a new source of income via tourism. The project was situated in an abandoned and a beautiful landscape, surrounded by untitled peaks over 2500 meters high with unexplored paths and intouched nature.

4 hours startrails

We’ve been successfull in planned goals – we’ve build 15.5 meters long bridge connecting villages Theth and Grunas, we’ve marked over 100 km of trails in places where wasn’t any other trails before. We’ve also repaired local catholic church in village Curraj Eperm (which was one of two which survived 50 years of communism) and we’ve organized festival there. More information, including very first map of that area, with GPS coordinates of marked trails, could be found on a project’s website:

Untitled 2500 meters peak

My primary activity there was a documentarist’s role. Photos in a gallery bellow are result of my hard work, especially by a following timelapse video you can admire beauties of a local mountains and nature.

Recommend you to watch in full resolution.


Speciality of Albanian mountains is a true inaccessibility of some places, which achieves really high values. That’s the reason why president Honza Balak defined a new quantity called albanian factor, which can gain absolutely random values in interval (-∞; ∞). That means unpredictable possibility of your plan’s crush when you are moving from place A to place B.

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